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eCBT is a set of Apple™ apps that provides therapeutic skills and education based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). There are three versions of eCBT, each for a specific category of mental illness: Mood (mood disorders), Calm (anxiety disorders), and Trauma (PTSD). Each can be used either as a stand-alone system or while working with a therapist or doctor. Designed to help users overcome their illness, eCBT may be particularly useful for individuals who do not have accessible or affordable mental health services in their community. However, this app does not appear to have been revised for some time, and users should be cautious when using apps without security updates.

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Overall Score: 1.80/5.00

Total score: 5/14

Basis of research: 0/3
Source of funding for the research: 0/2
Specificity of proposed intervention: 3/3
Number of consumer ratings: 1/3
Product advisory support:  1/1
Software support:  0/2

date of rating: June 2016

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User Experience

Objective Quality Score: 3.94/5.00

Subscale scores:
Engagement: 3.70
Functionality: 4.38
Aesthetics: 3.67
Information: 4.00

Subjective quality score: 3.00

Perceived impact score: 3.25

Rating date: August 2016
Rated by: Queensland University

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Not Yet Available

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More Information

Available for: Apple™ devices
Company: MindApps, LLC
Classification: Cognitive Behavioral Principles
Targeted conditions: Mood Disorders, Stress & Anxiety
Target demographic: Adolescents and Adults
Special provider necessary: No, but recommended
Non-English Language versions available: No
Similar products: PE Coach, Anxiety Mint, Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help
Where to get it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ecbt-mood/id324060472?mt=8 (Mood); https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ecbt-calm/id356997070?mt=8 (Calm); https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ecbt-trauma/id355437454?mt=8 (Trauma)

Research on this App

No available research on the product or its claims.