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This application is an informational app; It presents information from the NIH pertaining to depression. Included are sections on Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments. There are also sections on specialized topics such as Depression in Women, Depression in Men, Depression in the Elderly, and Depression in Children.

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Available for: Android 2.1 or later
Developer: Incelligence
Type of Treatment: Psychoeducation/Informational
Targeted Conditions: Mood disorders
Target Audience: Not specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a healthcare professional: No
Languages Available: English
Cost: Free
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Research on this App

This app provides psychoeducation for depression. Psychoeducation is usually used as a comparison condition to represent an inert treatment for which an active treatment can be compared (e.g., Ebert et al., 2014). However, a meta-analysis of psychoeducation for depression and anxiety found that brief, passive psychoeducational interventions can be effective at reducing depression, albeit with small effect sizes (Donker, Griffiths, Cuijpers, & Christensen, 2004). Therefore, psychoeducation may be a useful first-step intervention for those suffering from depression.

Ebert, D. D., Lehr, D., Baumeister, H., Boß, L., Riper, H., Cuijpers, P., … & Berking, M. (2014). GET. ON Mood Enhancer: efficacy of Internet-based guided self-help compared to psychoeducation for depression: an investigator-blinded randomised controlled trial. Trials, 15(1), 39

Donker, T., Griffiths, K. M., Cuijpers, P., & Christensen, H. (2009). Psychoeducation for depression, anxiety and psychological distress: a meta-analysis. BMC medicine, 7(1), 79.